black friday holiday shopping guide

Black Friday Guide 2021: The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

Black Friday is the most wonderful time of the year for the shopper who has been waiting to buy their favorite items at discounted prices.

If this is you, this Black Friday Guide 2021: The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide, is filled with tips for getting the best deals at the best time.

Black Friday sales is around the corner, and in addition to giving you this guide, we are also offering promos for items ranging from electronics to furniture on our website. One deal to look out for especially is the 50% off  Super Deals on Kitchen and Home Appliances.

In addition, our deals slashed the prices of some high-end appliances to the lowest, like the Hisense Double Door Chest Freezer | FC 68DD | 520L down to ₦274,999, Hisense 43″ Smart TV | A4G to ₦168,999 which is cheaper than you would have bought these products at any other time of the year.

Mind you, products on sale sell fast given the season and the early birds are already stocking up their carts. If you haven’t started shopping, the good news is that you are just in time for our Black Friday Guide.


Top 20 Black Friday Deals From MallforLagos

  1. LG 190L Chest Freezer | GCS215SVF
  2. Nexus Standing Gas Cooker | NX-5055B
  3. Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine | 10Kg
  4. Sonik Food Processing Blender
  5. Century Electric Oven | 20L
  6. Alarm Cash Box | SC-300
  7. Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair
  8. Booil 2 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet | BIF-200
  9. Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair
  10. Secretary Reception Desk
  11. Ox 18 Inches Standing Fan | Sf 1618
  12. LG 2.5Hp GenCool Dual Inverter Air Conditioner
  13. Samsung 65 Inch Ultra Slim Class 2020 HDR + Smart UHD 4K TV
  14. Sumec Firman Generator | 7.6KVA | ECO 10990ES
  15. S27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Zealot
  16. Gts Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper
  17. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Hair Clipper Plus
  18. I9S Bluetooth Earpod | White
  19. Zealot B19 Stereo Bluetooth Headphone
  20. Hisense Soundbar AUD 204 | 30W


  1. LG 190L Chest Freezer | GCS215SVF

The LG 190L Chest Freezer | GCS215SVF is the perfect refrigerator to get, whether you wish to use it in your home, office or business. It has a 190 Litre capacity and a LED lighting system.

What makes the refrigerator special is that it can work in low voltages, survive power fluctuations, doesn’t overheat, and it has semi-permanent and space saving bulbs.

Sold ₦185,000 now ₦169,499.

  1. Nexus Standing Gas Cooker | NX-5055B

The Nexus Standing Gas Cooker NX-5055W (4+0), has four different burners burning at different intensities all fueled by cooking gas. With this gas cooker you can cook any type of meal you want using different levels of temperature.

Nexus Standing Gas Cooker | NX-5055B provides the room and convenience to cook a variety of dishes at once.

Sold ₦78,000 now ₦74,999.

  1. Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine | 10Kg

Polystar Top Loader Washing Machine | 10Kg, is an economical washing machine that comes with features such as water level mechanical control and a washing capacity of 10kg.

This top loader washing machine by Polystar, also follows the Polystar products trademark of conserving energy and saving you money.

Sold ₦130,000 now ₦124,999.

  1. Sonik Food Processing Blender

This multipurpose food processing blender by Sonik is one addition to your kitchen that will really change the way you prepare meals, especially the ones you prefer to blend or crush up.

The Sonik Food Processing Blender can be used for blending, milling, and food processing. The powerful 10-in-1 multipurpose blender features a large bowl, blender, grinder mill, and 2 stainless steel discs.

Sold ₦30,000 now ₦27,499.

  1. Century Electric Oven | 20L

What makes the Century Electric Oven | 20L, the ultimate cook master, is its 4 durable stainless steel heating element that enables fine heating, baking, toasting, and grilling.

Other features of this electric oven include:

  • 4 Stages heating selector and 100 -250 degrees thermostat control for a perfect result.
  • A 60-minute timer that notifies you when the cooking ends.
  • Anti-heating scalded door-opening design for you to open the door easily.

Sold ₦28,000 now ₦24,999.

  1. Alarm Cash Box | SC-300

The Alarm Cash Box | SC-300 is a must-have for your office. It is designed to keep the petty cash safe and comes with a 2-step security feature (code and key).

Sold ₦40,000 now ₦34,999.

  1. Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair

Getting this Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair for your home or office, guarantees maximum comfort and support.

Every feature of this chair from the curved armrests that offers support, to the chrome base that adds an additional style, and the gas strut that is tested to a 25 stone user weight, are all designed to help you sit and relax better.

Sold ₦48,000 now ₦44,499.

  1. 2 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet | BIF-200

The Booil 2 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet | BIF-200 can be used to secure sensitive documents and items in offices or banks.

Just like other Booil Fireproof Safes, this  2 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet is fire resistant, and is created with state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship that protects documents and valuable items from fire and burglary.

Sold ₦420,000 now ₦414,999.

  1. Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair

A Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair is the ultimate piece you need, to enhance the beauty and outlook of your home’s interior décor. Built with the most exquisite and authentic leather materials, this grand upholstered  5-Seater Leather Sofa Chair is beautiful, sturdy, and tailored for you to build your unique aesthetics with.

It is easy to clean, comfortable to sit on, and can be set up or dismantled easily as well.

Sold ₦380,000 now ₦369,999.

  1. Secretary Reception Desk

This may be a Secretary Reception Desk, but it works well for both your home or office. Its features include a fiberglass frame with Aluminium bind and minimalistic tabletop you could use to store documents and other personal items.

Sold ₦299,999 now ₦350,000.

  1. Ox 18 Inches Standing Fan | Sf 1618

Built with 100% copper coil, the Ox 18 Inches Standing Fan | Sf 1618 is unique and durable, and makes for an ideal cooling appliance.

It’s features include an adjustable height functionality, 3-speed selector, Rust-proof plastic body and blades, and high-efficiency blades.

Sold ₦16,900 now ₦11,999.

  1. LG 2.5Hp GenCool Dual Inverter Air Conditioner

The LG 2.5Hp GenCool Dual Inverter Air Conditioner is being sold at a great discount for affordable prices on MallforLagos. This LG AC, has a 10-year warranty dual inverter compressor, 70% energy saving, 40% faster cooling, and a GEN Mode.

Sold ₦420,000 now ₦399,999.

  1. Samsung 65 Inch Ultra Slim Class 2020 HDR + Smart UHD 4K TV

The Samsung 65 Inch Ultra Slim Class 2020 HDR + Smart UHD 4K TV is one of the best Smart and most progressive TVs to ever come out of Samsung.

Some of its features include a 65-inch 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 LED Panel, Alexa, Google Assistant, Screen Mirroring Technology, Full Web Browser, and Dolby Digital Plus.

Sold ₦900,000 now ₦849,999.

  1. Sumec Firman Generator | 7.6KVA | ECO 10990ES

Like all the Sumec Firman Generators, the Sumec Firman Generator | 7.6KVA | ECO 10990ES has an in-built low oil warning system that monitors the oil level in the generator’s crankcase. This system shuts down the engine automatically when oil levels fall below the safe limits.

Sold ₦490,000 now ₦479,999.

  1. S27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Zealot

You could gift this S27 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Zealot to a friend you know appreciates music.

The all new powerful, got an upgrade to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology for lower energy consumption, stronger connection, faster transmission speed, an inbuilt rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, and up to 10m wireless operating distance.

Sold ₦25,000 now ₦23,999.

  1. Gts Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper

Gts Professional Super Taper Hair Clipper gives a clean shave,  and is light and long lasting. GTS Hair Clipper, features a carbon steel rust free blade that you don’t have to change but merely sterilize to clean, it enables comfort while shaving and easily glides through thick hair.

Sold ₦9,000 now ₦7,999.

  1. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Hair Clipper Plus

Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Hair Clipper Plus, shaves hair clean down to the last strand, by employing its superior and precise cutting performance. Being wireless means that you can operate this clipper without needing the wires, it takes about 4-5 hours to recharge.

Sold ₦8,000 now ₦6,999.

  1. I9S Bluetooth Earpod | White

I9S Bluetooth Earpod | White is designed stylishly to enhance comfort and fun. It pairs easily with devices and is convenient for listening to music, meetings, and answering calls when you are on the move.

Sold ₦9,000 now ₦7,999.

  1. Zealot B19 Stereo Bluetooth Headphone

Zealot B19 Stereo Bluetooth Headphone is  multi-functional, and you can listen to music or make calls with it. It’s features include a memory card slot, lightweight design, seamless switch between music and calls, easy to use control panel, and is foldable.

Sold ₦9,000 now ₦7,799.

  1. Hisense Soundbar AUD 204 | 30W

Hisense Soundbar AUD 204 | 30W is a one-piece 30W SoundBar Home Theater System which makes for the right audio solution for music and movies.

Features of the Hisense Soundbar AUD 204 include Bluetooth® connectivity, Optical and Audio Input, HDMI Output with ARC, and a  hassle-free setup.

Sold ₦36,000 now ₦25,999.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is on Friday, 26 November, 2021. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and one of the biggest shopping events where a variety of products are sold at huge discounts by ecommerce websites and retailers at the end of the year.

Why is it called Black Friday?

Before it became one of the best things to happen to shoppers and businesses, Black Friday had two origin stories.

Black Friday was the day in 1869 that two investors named Jay Gould and Jim Fisk drove up the prices of gold so much that it crashed the stock market, causing it to drop by 20% and bringing foreign trade to a halt. Even farmers suffered a 50% dip in the harvest value of wheat and corn.

The second origin story of Black Friday, and perhaps the closest to the one we celebrate presently, happened in Philadelphia 1950,when the Philadelphia police used Black Friday to address the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game. On that day, a large crowd of shoppers and tourists went into the city on a Friday, and the police worked longer hours to cover the traffic and the crowds.

The term Black Friday eventually caught on and spread across the world, due to the excess profits the merchants made from their sales on that day in Philadelphia.


Why Do You Need to Start Holiday Shopping Early This Year

If you are still dragging your feet towards starting your holiday shopping, these 7 reasons why you need to start holiday shopping early this year will change your mind:

  1. Covid 19 Restrictions Are Still In Effect

Just because they have been relaxed in your area, or your workplace allows you to enter and interact with other co-workers without a face mask, doesn’t mean that Covid 19 restrictions are no longer in effect.

COVID restrictions are still in effect, and waiting till Christmas arrives before you do your holiday shopping in a crowded market of all places, is exposing yourself to potential risks of contracting the virus.

Given that we are still in a post-covid society, you starting your holiday shopping early is not just an advice we are giving you, but it is also a socially responsible thing for you to do so that you don’t endanger yourself and others.

  1. Everyone Else Wants The Same Things As You

You know how you thought that really beautiful dress or wristwatch would look marvelous on you? Thousands of other online shoppers thought the same too and just like you, they are all waiting for Black Friday to arrive so that they can buy it.

To avoid being met with an out of stock or sold out message, it is important that you start gearing up to buy the items you need for the holidays both for yourself and others immediately.

  1. Black Friday Sales Won’t Last Forever

Like every other flash sale or discount offer you’ve ever stumbled upon on a website, Black Friday Sales also has an expiry date.

And while it may be a month long affair, if you wait too long to take advantage of the hot deals being shelled out for products, you may return to the same website during the holidays and not find anything worth snagging and would have to struggle for left overs with the other late comers.

  1. Products With Deals And Promos Sell Faster

This point is to reiterate on what we said in point 3, products with deals and promos always had the tendency to sell faster. Because who doesn’t want to get the super expensive product they’ve had their eye on for a while now, on a sweet discount?

  1. It Saves You Money

It is said that “you can’t put a price tag on joy”, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t chip away a tiny bit of your heart every time you swipe your card to buy a new expensive item because “holiday cheers”.

Christmas is a time to spread joy, but it is also a time to spend money because of hikes in product prices. So, if you don’t want to spend half of your life savings cheering others up only to feel sad later, you might want to start shopping now. 

  1. You Get First Pick

One of the many perks of shopping for the holidays early, is that you have the privilege of choosing the items you want first, and you also get the best of everything you buy.

Shopping early means that you can relax and carefully pick things in the right sizes, colours, and designs, and it also means that you can get a good substitute easily for items you can’t find.

  1. You Shop With Less Stress

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but panic buying has never helped anyone before and multi-tasking and last minute shopping never go together. In simple terms, what we mean is, DO NOT shop for the holidays last minute unless you want to stress yourself out.

No matter how busy you are at work, try to make time for your holiday shopping. Thankfully, items are now selling online which means you can buy whatever you need from the comfort of your home. And, the bonus is if you start now you could spread out your shopping over time and buy bit by bit until everything on your list is complete.


Black Friday Holiday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is designed to make things easier on a shopper’s pocket, but that does not mean that it doesn’t come with its share of chaos. So that you don’t get overwhelmed, these are some Black Friday holiday shopping tips:

  1. Research Before Black Friday Starts

Instead of waiting around for Black Friday sales to start, one way you can really get the most out of this event is for you to research the products you want to buy beforehand. Doing this ensures that you do not miss out on any deal and that in the end you buy everything on your shopping list.

Another thing to do, is to identify ecommerce websites like MallforLagos you want to shop at and which products you feel is best gotten on our site, so that when the sales begin, you can come back to us and buy them.

  1. Make A List Of Gift Recipients Including You

This list should contain the names of all the people you are buying gifts for and what you want to get them. Your name should also be included in this list so that you don’t neglect to get yourself something.

  1. Do Not Impulse Buy

It is easy to get carried away while shopping for the holidays and buy things on impulse as you are swept up in the holiday spirit. Which is why we are telling you now that no matter how good any of the items on a website looks, do not impulse buy.

Try to ignore the discounts and all the deals beckoning you and focus on the items on your list which are the essentials you need for the holidays.

Don’t just buy any item you see because they are cheap or on sale so that you do not exceed your budget.

  1. Shop Early

Shopping early does not only save you money, but it protects you from a lot of delays and disappointments often associated with holiday shopping. Start buying the items you need now, so that you can have everything on your list before the websites and stores become crowded or the offers expire.

  1. Read And Understand Return Policies

Before you purchase products for Black Friday, take your time to determine if those products can be returned and if you can get a refund for them.

  1. Shop Branded Products

When shopping for electronics and gadgets especially, it is advisable to buy from known brands in that niche so that you really get the best value for your money.

If you must buy from other manufacturers, make sure that the item you want to buy has lots of good reviews and recommendations on it.


Conclusion: What We Propose For Your Holiday Shopping

If you are looking for a good website to kickstart your holiday shopping, MallforLagos has a vast variety of items from Home and Office to Furniture, Electronics, and Gadgets that will dazzle you, on sale for amazing discounted prices.

The products, electronics, and gadgets we sell are from top brands like LG, Samsung, Hisense, Zealot, etc, and our furniture is well-crafted enough to make an excellent addition to your holiday shopping list without exceeding your holiday budget.


Hurry now and start buying.



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