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The Best Furniture Deals for Black Friday


Furniture lovers or interior designers will agree that a good piece of furniture (or several) is something that you should consider getting for your space. And if you have been waiting for a while to buy new pieces for a new home or office you’re decorating or just looking to upgrade the ones you already have, then it will excite you to see some of The Best Furniture Deals for Black Friday we have left for you on MallforLagos.

The furniture we have selected are some of the finest and the most modern pieces you’ve ever seen, and they come in a variety that makes them a perfect fit for various spaces. Just like our collection of high-end fire proof cabinets and safes, they are all going for well-slashed discount prices.

Some deals to search for on our site are the 4 Seater Glass Dining Set | Brown on sale for ₦84,999, and a 4-man Office Workstation with Chairs sold now at ₦339,999, and several others that are cheaper than you would buy them any other time of the year, thanks to Black Friday.

Don’t miss out, these are some of the best furniture deals for Black Friday TV. Below is a rundown of what’s on offer right now. 


Top 20 Furniture Deals From MallForLagos


  1. Alarm Cash Box | SC-300
  2. 2 Door Metal Cabinet
  3. Booil Fire Resistant Office Safe | BS-D880
  4. 3 Door Wooden Bookshelf
  5. Gubabi Analog Fireproof Safe | Sd 106A
  6. Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair
  7. Mobile Dressing Mirror 
  8. Adjustable Bar Stool 
  9. Fireplace TV Console 
  10. 6 Seater Glass Dining Set | T908 | Black 
  11. Single Seat Leather Sofa 
  12. Multipurpose Swing Chair 
  13. Cushioned Reception Seat 
  14. Children’s Desk 
  15. Foldable Outdoor Table & Chair Set 
  16. Grid Executive Office Chair
  17. 4-man Office Workstation | 1.2m  
  18. Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair
  19. Executive Glass Office Table | 1.8m 
  20. Secretary Reception Desk 


  1. Alarm Cash Box | SC-300

Alarm Cash Box | SC-300 is what you should have in your office, especially if you always keep money there, as they are designed to keep office petty cash secure. The Alarm Cash Box is portable, attractive, and has a 2-step security feature; code and key.

Sold ₦40,000 now ₦34,999. 


  1. 2 Door Metal Cabinet

The 2 Door Metal Cabinet is a multipurpose metal storage cabinet, built with high quality steel, and galvanized steel handles that reinforces durability, it has a matte finish and a sleek design that makes it not take up much space when installed. This lockable Metal Cabinet  can carry ample weight, and is perfect for use in workspaces, garage, room, or any other place that could use a storage space.

Sold ₦90,000 now ₦79,999.


  1. Booil Fire Resistant Office Safe | BS-D880

Like the other Booil Fireproof Safes, Booil Fire Resistant Office Safe | BS-D880 is the best thing to secure your valuables in, as it is built with advanced technology and expertise designed to offer maximum protection for your documents and valuables against fire and burglary.

Sold ₦390,000 now ₦379,999.


  1. 3 Door Wooden Bookshelf

Created with high quality wood, the 3 Door Wooden Bookshelf offers increased longevity and a sleek design that will fit it into anywhere, without compromising on storage capacity. This bookshelf will blend into the theme of your living spaces, and can be relied on to store both your books and other accessories. Features include wooden doors with push and open lock, safety and easy attachability to wall surfaces. 

 ₦95,000 to ₦8,999


  1. Gubabi Analog Fireproof Safe | Sd 106A

Gubabi Analog Fireproof Safe | Sd 106A comes with a Manual type lock and Automatic lock system, which makes it twice the high-level security safe. Any of your valuables, like documents, cheque books, certificates, jewelries, go right into it and stay secure without you ever having to worry about someone breaking in and carting away its contents.

Sold ₦390,000 now ₦374,999 


  1. Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair

Multipurpose 5 Seater Leather Sofa Chair, is top on the list of furniture that complements your existing decor, and enhances the outlook of your space as well. This 5-Seater beauty is crafted with the finest and most authentic leather materials that makes it both beautiful and strong. It is the most unproblematic piece of furniture you will ever buy, as it is comfortable to sit on, easy to set up and dismantle for storage, and cleans easily as well. 

 Sold ₦380,000 now ₦369,999


  1. Mobile Dressing Mirror

Speaking of unproblematic pieces of furniture, this sleek Mobile Dressing Mirror will fit perfectly into your room, and can be repositioned as many times as you need it to be. It has a moveable stand made of high-quality stainless steel, comes with a bottom tray for extra storage, and complements any decor, modern or traditional.

Sold ₦25,000 now ₦19,999. 


  1. Adjustable Bar Stool | Red

A must-have for every bar, the Adjustable Bar Stool is the modern version of an already existing design, which is better and more feasible. The new design incorporates versatility into the stool, making its height adjustable so that it can be used anywhere; this chair makes whatever statement you need it to make in your home, lounge, or office.

Sold ₦25,000 now ₦22,499.


  1. Fireplace TV Console

This Fire display makes a desirable focal point in your living room or entertainment area, being that its design was inspired by high quality life, comprehensive fashion elements, and human artistic inspiration. The Fireplace TV Console lights up when it is connected to an electric outlet, and its display illuminates the whole room, making for the perfect ambiance.

Sold ₦200,000 now ₦169,999


  1. 6 Seater Glass Dining Set | T908 | Black

6 Seater Glass Dining Set | T908 | Black makes for the perfect addition to the living room of the family that eats together. Sold at an unbeatable price on our website, this 6-seater set is adorned with tempered proof for child safety, a glass dining table that has flowery design, thick top glass top, an open center view, and is suitable for use in homes  and classic restaurants.

Sold ₦160,000 now ₦149,999 


  1. Single Seat Sofa

Put this Single Seat Leather Sofa anywhere in your home or office, and it will fit in perfectly. Made with quality leather, this multipurpose sofa can be bought for your boardroom, reception, visitors’s parlor, recreation center, etc. Its design features leather exterior with contemporary styling, aesthetically pleasing distinctive stitching, deep cushioning for superior comfort, and a stylish curvature for relaxed postures.

Sold ₦27,000 now ₦24,999 


  1. Multipurpose Swing Chair

The Multipurpose Swing Chair is simple, yet it is just stylish enough to add a dash of class to any space you install it in, without clashing with existing decor. This Rattan hanging chair was built with genuine wicker and rattan; a water-like fabric cushion for comfortable seating.

Sold ₦190,000 now ₦149,999 


  1. Cushioned Reception Seat

Every bit of this Cushioned Reception Seat screams comfort and style, it features a padded seat and back material cushioned with leather padding, chrome plated arms and legs featuring high quality steel with mainframe thickness of 8mm. This chair is suitable for the reception areas of corporate offices, hotels, and salons.

Sold ₦55,000 now ₦49,999 


  1. Children’s Desk

This multipurpose Children’s Desk is good for use in Nursery, Primary, or Junior high school classes, or a house children’s library. Its 2-in-1 design means it can fit into any room without taking up too much space, it also comes in different designs and colours. 

 Sold ₦50,000 now ₦44,999


  1. Foldable Outdoor Table & Chair Set

Put this foldable 3-piece Bistro set in your garden or patio, and it will be your first step to enjoying a cafe-style experience right in your home, complete with meals, and drinks. The Foldable Outdoor Table & Chair Set consisting of 2 folding armless chairs and a round table, brings life to your deck or patio, it features a premium painted metal construction, is sturdy and durable, rust-resistant and UV-resistant, and can be easily cleaned with normal household wipes. 

Sold ₦110,000 now ₦99,499 


  1. Grid Executive Office Chair

Elegance and comfort marry in this Grid Executive Office Chair, and every part of it is evident of both. The Executive High Back Office Chair on display lives where comfort and style intersect, it is smooth and flexible, sown with soft thread leather seating, and has a grid design on its back that gives it a contemporary upscale look with a comfy feel. It’s adjustable, and provides great support for your back and upper body.

Sold ₦85,000 now ₦79,999


  1. 4-man Office Workstation | 1.2m

Offices that are pressed for space, will appreciate 4-man Office Workstation | 1.2m  as it is designed for offices with limited spaces. You can sit up to 12 of your teammates  in one room without congestion.

Sold ₦300,000 now ₦274,999 


  1. Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair

The Ambassador Executive Leather Swivel Office Chair, might just be what your MD’s office or your home study is missing. It provides excellent comfort and support, its chrome base further adds style to it, and the gas strut is tested to a 25 stone user weight. 

Sold  ₦48,000 now ₦44,499


  1. Executive Glass Office Table | 1.8m

Executive Glass Office Table | 1.8m is an extra piece of furniture to enhance your office decor. The glass is completed with a superb and fashionable design, and a clean finish. The well-engineered glass of the table mixes well with the stainless legs.

Sold ₦300,000 now ₦294,999


  1. Secretary Reception Desk

Another piece for you, the Secretary Reception Desk is a perfect addition for your home study or office. You can use it to store books, stationeries, documents, and other items. The Desk has a  fiberglass frame with an Aluminum bind and a table top.

Sold ₦350,000 now ₦299,999 


Where Should I Shop for Best Furniture Deals For Black Friday?

While they’re a lot of ecommerce websites running Black Friday campaigns on their websites, MallforLagos still remains your best bet on why to shop for the best furniture deals for Black Friday. This is because, not only are they cheaper, but they also come in various designs, and you can opt for bulk purchase when buying from us. 

When will Black Friday Furniture deals begin on MallforLagos?

MallforLagos typically offers the best deals on Furniture, with or without Black Friday being in session. However, Black Friday begins this Friday, November 26, so do well to start shopping as soon as you can, because these deals have a tendency to sell out fast, and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity. Fill up your cart and start checking out before the items you ordered go out of stock

Black Friday Furniture deals: What’s In Store?

Shopping for furniture can happen at any other time of the year, but buying furniture on Black Friday offers twice the value, as you can get a good piece for a more minimal price than you would have gotten earlier in the year.  More so, throughout our furniture category, massive sales are already happening across collections.

Fireproof Cabinets and Safes: Our Fireproof Cabinets and Safes, are curated from best brands in the cabinets and safes businesses like Gubabi, SentrySafe, Booil fire resistant safe, Ultimate, Honeywell, Sureseal, etc. These businesses offer a range when it comes to their products and you could buy them now at a discount for some of the lowest prices online in Nigeria. Keep an eye out for exquisite  designs like the Booil Fire Resistant Office Safe | BS-D880 and Analog Fireproof Safe | Gubabi | Sd106.

Home Furniture: Our Home Furniture collection presents some of the finest dining sets and chairs you have ever seen, that have comfort, style, creativity, and durability woven into their designs. On MallforLagos, you can find Bar Stools going for as low as ₦22,499, the Lugano 7-Seater Lounge Set is sold now for ₦344,999.

Multi-Purpose: Our Multi-Purpose Collection is versatile enough to serve perfectly for both home and office spaces. We have Bar Stools, Children’s Desks, Dining Chairs, Foldable Outdoor Table and Chair Set, Glass Center Tables, Reception Chairs, etc currently on discount on MallforLagos.

Office Furniture: If you just got a new office space and are looking to buy furniture for it, or simply want to upgrade what you already have, then our  Office Furniture collection is where you should start off your shopping. Sample 4-man Office Workstation | 1.2m, C Top Executive Office Table | 5ft for ₦149,999, Araam Executive Ergonomic Office Chair sold ₦53,999. Did we mention we have Bulk Purchases available?

Should I wait till Black Friday to buy new furniture?

Buying furniture can happen at any time of the year, but if you have just found our website this Black Friday season, then you should definitely start buying as much furniture as you can, before the sales end.

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