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Document safes might not be your first thought when it comes to fire safety but quickly tell yourself that you will have no papers in them. The main purpose of a fireproof document safe is to protect valuable/important documents that you can’t afford to lose like birth certificates, passports, deeds, and so on from fire.

It’s a fact that fire is the leading cause of dwelling fires. But you’d be surprised just how quickly a fire can start in your home and how quickly it can grow. Document safes are the most unlikely way for a fire to spread. With such flammable materials like wood, paper and precious photo frames, it is critical to have your valuables stored in a document safe (especially since they are rated to store anything from paper documents, precious photos and jewelry).

What is a Fireproof Document Safe?

Fireproof document safes are engineered and designed to protect paper and keep the safe’s internal temperature below 350 degrees F, which is the critical temperature where the paper will start to char and burn.

Benefits of having a fireproof document safe to keep your important data and documents 

You’re probably wondering why in the world you need a fireproof document safe. After all, isn’t that what your fire insurance is for? Not really. Your fire insurance doesn’t cover the costs of replacing your important items if they are lost in a fire. You might think this is unlikely; however, it’s actually possible. You could come home from running errands one day only to find out there was a fire in your apartment or home and everything is destroyed. This is why having a fireproof safe for documents is the best idea for ensuring your important information.

Here are list of benefits of having a fireproof document safe; 

  • It’s Fireproof: 

It does exactly what its name implies, fireproof safes provide fire protection you want, especially when certified by trustworthy independent parties such as the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). In the case of a fire, this capacity protects inside contents from heat damage.

  • Increased Protection:

The main function of a fireproof safe is still to help secure items from unauthorized access. This protection might range from the use of a simple key to prevent naive eyes or to cutting-edge technology like biometric fingerprint readers. Not only are your documents and valuables safe from flames, but they are also safe from unauthorized access or theft.

  • Lower Insurance Rates:

Simply having equipment or tools that can physically assist in reducing the chance of unintentional losses and knowing that your valuables are protected might potentially cut insurance costs. Purchasing a fireproof safe may be an initial expense, but it will save money in the long run.

  • Restricted Access:

A fireproof safe, like all safes or strong boxes, will offer controlled access to your valuables, important belongings, and paperwork. It could be a key, a combination, or even a unique fingerprint to gain access. The safe’s owner has control over who has access to the contents.

  • Peace of Mind:

Simply having your valuables and essential documents locked in a fireproof safe can provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind while you are away, especially for lengthy periods of time such as vacations and business trips. Being prepared with such security allows you to relax while on vacation or concentrate more on your business when traveling because you know you are safe at all times.

How secure are fireproof document safes?

The best fireproof document safes are designed with advanced technologies to protect highly sensitive documents and data when a fire outbreak strikes. The document safes are made using high-quality materials (e.g., steel, carbon fiber) that not only make them resistant to fires but also to ensure they resist damages from bullets, water floods, and other forms of physical damage. For confidentiality purposes, it is critical that document safes used for keeping business or personal records are secured in such a way that unauthorized third parties cannot gain access to the information stored therein. That’s where modern-day fireproof document safes come in: these advanced safes can protect precious files, documents, images, and videos for several hours in case of an out-of-control fire breakout. To have an understanding of the types of fireproof document safes to get and how secure they are to withstand fires, below is a table showing a list of fireproof document safes you should get for yourself or your business


S/NFireproof Safe Model UL Fireproof Rating Capacity Security 
1SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fire Safe1 hour at 1700° Fahrenheit2.05 Cubic FeetHigh 
2Honeywell 1104 fireproof Document Safe1 hour, 1700° Fahrenheit0.38 Cubic FeetLow
3Sentry Safe CFW202011 hour, 1700° Fahrenheit0.28 Cubic FeetLow
4Sentry Safe 120030 mins, 1550° Fahrenheit0.18 Cubic FeetLow
5First Alert 2087F Fireproof Safe1 hour, 1700° Fahrenheit0.94 Cubic FeetHigh 
6SureSeal by FireKing SS104-A Fire Resistant Safe1 hour, 1700° Fahrenheit0.38 Cubic FeetLow 
7Honeywell 1108 Extra Large Document Safe1 hour, 1700° Fahrenheit1.06 Cubic FeetLow
8SentrySafe EF4738E30 minutes, 1400° Fahrenheit4.71 Cubic FeetHigh 

What to know when buying a fireproof document safe

Knowing where to buy a fireproof document safe can be confusing. People looking for these safes don’t always know what they should look for and end up spending more than they need to. Below are the important things you should know when buying a fireproof document safe.

  • Make a list of stuff you intend to keep inside the safe

The first thing you should do is write a list of everything you intend to keep in the safe. This is because it will assist you in narrowing down your search to the safe that is best suited to your requirements.

If you want to keep a laptop inside, for example, you’ll need a safe that’s the right size for the laptop. A tiny safe with compartments is a good idea if you have a lot of small items. There are additional considerations as well, which we will discuss in the next paragraphs. So go ahead and write your list right now!

  • Size of the safe

The size of the safe is the second most significant consideration. Are you planning to keep it in your house, in your bedroom, in your basement, or somewhere else?

The size and available area of the room where the safe will be kept will determine the type of safe you require. It could be a wall-mount safe or a floor-mounted safe that you purchase based on your requirements.

  • Is the fireproof safe equipped to handle electrical devices?

Many fireproof safes have a common flaw that many people are unaware of. If you keep a pen drive, CD, or DVD inside your safe, the temperature difference between inside and outside the safe may cause the electronics to malfunction, resulting in the loss of all your data.

  • Different type of fire rating

Let us explain briefly what types of ratings you should look for. The standard recommendation is to choose a fireproof safe that is UL or US manufactured and has a rating of 1 or above.

Because metal expands when heated, a fire seal is required if you want a fireproof safe. A good fire seal extends to at least 5 times its original size, preventing fire and smoke from entering the safe. It also prevents moisture from entering the safe.

  • How long will the fireproof safe prevent your stuff from fire?

All safes have a rating that indicates how long your belongings will be safe within. Before you buy, double-check this rating. 

If you want to keep your possessions safe in the event of a big house fire, invest in a safe that provides at least one hour of continuous fire protection.

According to the average rating, 30 minutes of fire resistance will suffice. This is due to the fact that fire moves from room to room and rarely stays in one place for more than 30 minutes.

**A tidbit of information for your consideration: the paper used to print money generally burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check to see if the safe you are purchasing can preserve your belongings up to a certain temperature.

  • Learn the difference between Fireproof and Fire resistance

The phrase “fireproof” is commonly used for safes, although if you dig into the technicalities of the term, “fire resistant” is a better term. A burglar may easily break into a fire resistant safe since it is made of thin metal sheets.

As a result, a fireproof safe is only recommended if you intend to keep paper documents, cash, or other valuables in it. However, if you don’t want to compromise on either of the two factors, fire or burglars, you can opt for more premium safes.

  • Electronic or Mechanical lock

When people are shopping for a safe to buy, this is the most typical question they have. To begin with, mechanical locks are typical locks that require a skilled burglar to open.

If you use a mechanical lock, make sure it has at least two redundant locks so that breaking in takes longer and the burglar has more difficulty. To maintain the quality of your mechanical lock, you will need to have it serviced on a regular basis.

On the other hand, digital or electronic locks are also a good option. If you choose an electronic lock, make sure it can withstand an EMP attack. Because these locks rely on batteries, you’ll need to replace them from time to time.

We’re very sure we’ve answered all of your questions about fireproof safes. Invest in a fireproof safe today to keep burglars and accidents at bay. Keep yourself safe!

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